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Only Up! is an exciting action game that will be very popular in the year 2023. Your primary objective is to respond swiftly, jump precisely, and climb up with dexterity in order to avoid colliding with any of the obstacles in the game.

Only Up! instructions

Only the Top! Only Up! stands out thanks to the exceptionally challenging gameplay it offers. The only thing you have to do to win is leap from one surface onto another. It reminds me a little bit of playing in a child's dream with toys that float around. There are no save points, which may seem like a terrible disadvantage, but this was done on purpose in order to put you to the test. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for things that you could potentially hop onto, and don't close them.

Main Features

  • Engage in action-packed gameplay by utilizing slow-motion effects and ragdolls.
  • The game's many thrilling stages each include their own unique difficulties.
  • a one-of-a-kind ragdoll weaponry system like Parkour Block 4 and Hugie Wugie Slide
  • A configurable wardrobe gives you the ability to develop your own signature look.
  • There are a wide variety of bloody game modes to increase the intensity of the experience.
  • Ragdolls with a believable physical model and a quick response time

How To Play

  • Move: W A S D
  • Turn around: Mouse.
  • Jump: Space
  • Run: Shift
  • Teleport: T
  • Setting: ESC
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