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Pacman 30th Anniversary is a fantastic Google game in which you must complete all of the difficult stages while enjoying the gorgeous theme of a labyrinth!

How to Play

Pacman 30th Anniversary is a timeless video game that will never go out of style. You must control Pacman to stop ghosts from chasing you across the map. Enjoy the traditional game. Here you may play the classic game with a pal (Ms. PacMan). Make sure you press the Insert Coin button twice.


  • The first is Pinky (pink). Pinky obeyed Pacman's commands but did not assist him.
  • A second aspect is that Inky (lightblue) may call all ghost characters and capture Pacman.
  • If Blinky (red) eats a lot of food, he will follow Pacman at an even quicker rate, which might be harmful for Pacman.
  • Clyde (orange) will then emerge from the container and approach Pacman. Clyde (orange) may also change direction and go through a dispersion phase. The wording is a little different, but it's the same idea.

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