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Parking Fury 3, the most recent iteration of the Parking Fury game, serves as the primary objective of maintaining control over the vehicle and preventing any incidents.

How to play Parking Fury 3

It is recommended that you select Parking Fury 3 immediately if you are an avid enthusiast of auto-racing games. In the game, players are obligated to select their preferred vehicle and compete in races against other players from around the globe. Controlling each vehicle on a level surface and directing it into the parking space without causing any damage is imperative. Do not forget that losing star points will result from colliding with your vehicle. Now, accelerate to the maximum pace and drive one out of town.

Success Through Rules

  • Parking in the appropriate locations will enable you to complete each stage. 
  • A maximum of three stars may be obtained on each level. Make every effort to arrive at your destination in a secure manner and collect all of the stars. 

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How To Play

  • Arrows / WASD = steering,
  • Space = handbrake
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