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Parkour Block Xmas Special is a great game to play during the holiday season, as you get to run and jump across a snowy pixel landscape.


Parkour Block Xmas Special is a running and jumping game set in a wintery pixel environment. It's also possible to go on exciting new journeys. Beautiful winter landscapes await you; just be careful not to slip and fall! Take in the breathtaking scenery, but be wary of any potential threats.


Your mission is to make it across that dangerous terrain. To move and strafe, press the WASD keys. To make a platform jump, press Space. Just press and hold Shift while you run. Use the mouse to navigate the world. You can avoid losing progress by approaching red flags. When a player dies, they can return to the game at one of these checkpoints.

How To Play

Movement is accomplished by pressing WASD or the directional arrow keys.
Put simply: leap = space
In other words, L-Shift equals speeding off.
The menu can be accessed by pressing Esc twice.

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