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Incredible sports action awaits you in Puppet Hockey, where you must skate, leap, catch, and shoot the puck into the goal of your opponent in thrilling one-on-one hockey contests!

Guidelines for Participation

In order to succeed, you'll need to skate, leap, and shoot pucks. Scoring a goal requires lightning-fast reflexes and pinpoint accuracy with your shot. Retract and shield your goal to protect it from the other team's shots. You can play a game of one-on-one ice hockey against any of the world's top-16 ice hockey teams. The more goals your opponent scores, the better. Scoring a goal and timing your punk shot need rapid reactions. Protect your net from the other team's shots by standing in the right place.

The Golden Rule

To go forward or backward, use the keyboard. To choose between right and left, press the appropriate button. Try pushing upwards for a jump. Use the J key to fire.

Keep your target in sight after you've scored and be ready to leap in front of an incoming shot if necessary.

How To Play

To begin, tap or click the play button. Make your picks. During gameplay, you'll utilize the left and right arrow keys to go back and forth. If you want to leap, use the UP arrow.

You can control your hockey stick by pressing "F" and you may use it to shoot goals. Conquer the time and the competition!

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