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Jump through the portal and attempt to avoid all the hazards in the new arcade game Red and Green Christmas, which features two-player co-op play.


In order to rescue your friend from peril in Red and Green Christmas, you'll need to use a portal to travel across time and space. When all the components are finished, the door will open.


  • Since you'll be leading the charge, you need to know what to expect along the way.
  • The green and red characters can be controlled using the arrow keys, while the WASD keys may be used to manipulate the red. Take care to keep both characters safe from any potential dangers on the journey.
  • In order to progress, you'll need to pick up hearts and utilize portals along the way.

How To Play

  • Use Arrow Keys + WASD to Navigate
  • Double Jump Is Present
  • Touch Screen Controls on Mobile Devices
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