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Red Ball is a fantastic action puzzle game in which you must roll and hop the ball to victory over a variety of challenging foes.


In Red Ball, the goal is to guide a red ball across the finish line without letting it touch the ground. The plot involves a villainous square who abducts the girlfriend of our hero, the red ball. He must now go out on a perilous journey to track her down. We'll show you how to use the arrow keys to guide the ball in various directions.


  • You may easily overcome any obstacles by rolling and jumping.
  • Achieve each level's flag. Don't trip over any spikes or tumble into any pits. Never step on a square. Do your best to avoid running into any lasers.
  • Gather all of the stars and golden rings you encounter.

How To Play

Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to control the red ball.
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