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It is a fun sports game called Ship Control 3D, and it allows you to compete in a wonderful race in which you have to avoid a variety of hazards and make it to the beach without getting hurt.

Ship Control 3D instructions

It is highly recommended that you check out Ship Control 3D if you are a huge lover of ship adventures. The only thing you need to do to win this game is to make use of your abilities, steer the ship to the shore while avoiding any obstacles, and make it there without getting hurt. Keep in mind that any accident may result at the end of your run, so you must use caution. A variety of levels and tasks, including epic battleships, adaptable cruisers, swift destroyers, and dominant aircraft carriers, are also available for you to select from for your gameplay experience.

Main Features

  • Incredibly beautiful visuals and outstanding sound
  • Unlocking a Fleet of Battlecruisers in a Free-to-Play Game Intended for Personal Computers

If you want to take an adventure with many types of ships, you can also check Geometry Dash Tiny Spaceship and Geometry Dash StarShip.

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