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Skate Rush Challenge, a fantastic adventure game, will have you getting on your skateboard to feel the rush of speed as you navigate through a stunning terrain full of obstacles, ramps, and dangerous traps.

Instructions for Skate Rush Challenge

Skate is an upset young man who is tired of his dull school lessons. You'll come across a variety of perils, like fat, large kids skateboarding, and dangerous spikes. Nothing, however, is too tough to conquer with an ollie. You'll experience a thrill as the screen moves! If you stay behind, you will be unable to complete the game. Using the mouse or touch devices, jump over obstacles. Click or press the screen once to make one leap. You'll like this game.


  • Bunny in a Skateboard is a platformer game.
  • Explore three distinct and stunning skating worlds.
  • There are several levels to finish.
  • There are various pathways to choose at each level.
  • Provides a comfortable skateboarding experience

Rail Runner is a fun skateboarding action game. Another action-platformer you might enjoy is Temple Dash.

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