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Skibidi In The Backrooms is a fantastic combination of Skibidi Toilet and The Backrooms. Your main mission is to gather the cassettes while avoiding Skibidi's pursuit.

Instructions for Skibidi in the Backrooms

The goal of Skibidi In The Backrooms is to survive by collecting videos. After then, the main aim is to discover the exit and then escape to freedom. Each distinct chamber presents the players with fresh challenges and chances. The objective might be to locate a key that unlocks a door or to battle a monster. If the creatures have already seen you, you can either run or avoid them. The player can run for as long as he has stamina.


  • Controls that are simple to understand
  • Playing Action Survival Games
  • Incredible visuals
  • Several Jump Scares

Try Join Skibidi Clash 3D or Impostor Jump Skibidi Toilet if you enjoy action games.

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