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Snowball Fight is a fantastic Christmas-themed action game in which you click on grinches to shoot them.


In the highly interactive game Snowball Fight, participants try to be the first to move paper snowballs to the opposite team's side. You may avoid being hit by one of their snowballs by throwing your own in their direction. To get the most out of your snowball fights, strive for precision. A quicker rate of fire for your snowballs will result in a slower rate of advance for your foes. If you are struck three times, you're out of the game.


Snowball Fight is a great game for dividing a large gathering into two equal halves. Then, have them face each other across the room.

At your direction, team members will roll up the paper into snowballs and hurl them into the other team's territory.

You'll be able to keep track of time and play for another minute or two. All snowball making and flinging must cease as time runs out. They need to take a headcount of how many are in each group.

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