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You'll have to pilot your own spacecraft back to Earth for a massive holiday bash in the fantastic shooting game Snowball War: Space Shooter.


A tiny spaceship in Snowball War: Space Shooter travels the galaxy in quest of intelligent life. Your location is hit by a snowball storm out of nowhere.

In this space shooter, a blizzard is on the way, and your only defense is a barrage of enormous snowballs. Avoiding the snowballs and shooting them up is possible if you maneuver your spacecraft. Your spaceship's performance and stats are directly tied to your ability to utilize the mouse for navigation and to gain bonus points for use in purchasing improvements.

Rules of success

Hold down the left mouse button to unleash a barrage of missiles. Drag the cursor left and right to avoid incoming projectiles. Each successful shot takes a point or two off the target's health bar. Fire until the ground is covered with enormous snowballs. Next, get back up and keep firing. If the spacecraft breaks down, you may easily fix it by clicking on it.

Snowball Destroyer is another fantastic Christmas-themed arcade game in which you must throw a snowball while avoiding obstacles and scoring as many points as possible.

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