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Squid Game, an action-packed game that you will like, asks you to finish all mini-games while remaining alive as long as possible.

How to Play

All mini-games must be completed.

  • RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT: Use our 3D motion tracking to navigate your way past the obstacles.
  • DALGONA - Utilize your visor's 3D motion tracking capability to carve the forms within the time limit.
  • "Tug-of-War necessitates more than raw power." To win, you must collaborate with your teammates.
  • MARBLES - Use the touch screens to launch marbles toward the central screen. Use the touch screens to advance to the next level.
  • GLASSBRIDGE: A chance-based game. You will need to collaborate with your team to get to the other side.
  • SQUID GAME - Experience the authentic Squid Game. Navigate the path while avoiding opponents.
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