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For those who are passionate about playing adventure games, Stick War Adventure is the perfect option. To emerge victorious from this game, all you need to do is vanquish the foes who strengthen with each successive level.

Instructions on Stick War Adventure

You just need to take charge of your character and destroy the adversaries while attempting to acquire all of the stuff and gold in order to win Stick War Adventure. When you are in the center of the magical forest, you will also need to go via mysterious portals that will enable you to access other secret locations. Remember to walk about the arena while dragging and dumping your weapon. This is an important step. To remove your adversary, you may rush, fire, or shoot it in their direction. 

Main Features

  • It is possible to equip your superhero with a wide range of weaponry, ranging from strange to interesting ones.
  • Weapons and skins may be used to personalize and improve your superheroes.
  • Obtaining new heroes, weapons, and talents requires you to earn money.

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How To Play

  • "LEFT / RIGHT ARROWS" represents the control move.
  • To jump, use the "UP ARROW" button.
  • The "V" punch
  • "D,S,Z,X,C" are specific attacks.
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