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The objective of, a game, is to progress through all of the levels by engaging in combat with all of the characters you have acquired and coming out on top.

How to play

You must move your hole throughout the city in order to consume as many stickmen as you can within the allotted amount of time for each level in order to play To get the most out of your collection and be ready for the final battle, you will also need to plan out your actions strategically. When the allotted time has passed, the warriors that have been gathered from each player will clash in a battle of epic proportions. You will have the opportunity to choose from two different game modes, each of which will provide you with the opportunity to complete thrilling objectives. 

Main Features

  • Confront a massive adversary black hole hero attacker and engage in combat with them.
  • Adding a sense of urgency to the quest by including a ticking clock that is integrated into the gameplay.
  • Purge the corridor before the allotted time expires.

The action-packed gameplay of is sure to blow your mind if you are a fan of casual arcade games such as Glitch Dash and Geometry Dash Energy Intolerance.

How To Play

  • Single Player Mode: use the WASD and Arrow Keys. 
  • Two-Player Mode: use the WASD and Arrow Keys for Player 1 and Player 2, respectively.
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