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Hypercasual and exciting, Stickman Gradient has you running around the streets of the city while dodging various hazards.

How to Play Stickman Gradient

It's a race against the clock and a platforming challenge to control a slender stickman over obstacles in the game Stickman Gradient. You need to gather gems and make impressive leaps in this game. The running game requires constant vigilance and anticipation of potential dangers. The controls are responsive and fluid, making it easy to avoid hazards, gather money and power-ups, and progress through the game. In order to determine whether or not you can complete the race, you will need to test your response time and reflexes.

Some Features

  • It's simple to pick up and play, yet challenging to master.
  • There are many different kinds of hazards in this game, such as shifting platforms, spikes, and gaps.
  • In this game, you may earn money to buy new stickman.

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