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Super Rainbow Friends gives you the opportunity to take pleasure in the stunning themes while ensuring that your characters retain their life until the very end.

Guide for Super Rainbow Friends

Jumping over obstacles and gaps, such as dynamic walls or balls hurled in your direction, is a must for Super Rainbow Friends. The game has an infinite number of tasks, which will guarantee that you will have a lot of fun and excitement for a long time. The intriguing characters, time-limited task, the excitement of playing the role of the hunter or victim, and the exhilarating missions in Super Rainbow Friends will all hold your attention and keep you captivated.

Main Features

  • You have the option of playing the role of the hunter or the victim.
  • Controlling the progression of missions that have a time constraint
  • In order to purchase power-ups, you must first gather coins and other stuff.
  • For example, Rainbow Friend and Bear Fedy are only two of the numerous personalities from which to pick.

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How To Play

  • When using the computer, you must click the mouse once to leap, and you must click it again to double jump.
  • Controls for mobile devices and tablets should be used: Make a double tap on the screen to leap, and then double click again.

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