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The objective of the arcade game known as Tap Tap Dash is to amass as many precious stones as possible while avoiding various perils.

Instructions for the game Tap Tap Dash

You have a limited amount of time to guide your character to the conclusion of the story. You are going to require money in order to improve the power-ups and go through the more challenging level designs. While you are running, you have the opportunity to gather money that can be used later to either improve your character or purchase new equipment. In order to provide your character with financial support, you will have to triumph over a variety of challenges.


  • This platformer allows players to take control of several birds.
  • Run for the excitement of it, but keep an eye out for any dangers.
  • Learn about a wide range of fictional characters that are inspired by cats.
  • You are able to renovate your home to include the components listed below.

You may play Tap Tap Dash on your own computer if you want to. Free downloads of action games are available via Geometry Dash Subzero. Playing games like Traffic Racer and Traffic Rider may provide a lot of entertainment and enjoyment.

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