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The TRIBAR puzzle is a fun game, but it does involve some level of strategic thinking in order to complete it successfully.

Instructions for TRIBAR

The stages in TRIBAR are progressively more challenging as the player progresses, with the figures becoming more complex to build and requiring fewer steps to complete. Give it a go and see the results for yourself. Repeat the procedures that were shown in the video. Make an effort to reconstruct, using wood blocks, the building that is pictured on the left. Create patterns by drawing straight lines to form them, and then explore what other things you can do with them. You simply need to decipher each riddle in order to win the game. In order to construct the ideal form, you may have to go through certain difficulties.


  • The game will get more challenging as you go through its many stages.
  • Help may be provided by a variety of vehicles, including police cars, fire engines, and ambulances.
  • With this guide's assistance, blockades will no longer be an obstacle for helicopters and railroads.
  • Freeing up more tram seats might help reduce the number of individuals who are late for work.
  • A increasing number of car-themed puzzles to choose from.
  • This engaging and entertaining activity is perfect for people of all ability levels.
  • It is simple to pick up, yet challenging to become proficient at.
  • Try out your problem solving talents like when you play The Battle Cats and Toca Life World.
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