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This is an exciting puzzle game called Upside Down, and your objective is to complete all of the levels by moving between two different worlds and collecting all of the stars and keys inside each level.

How to play Upside Down

If you want to win Upside Down, all you have to do is take control of an adorable character and make it through all of the stages. A great number of stars and keys are available, and it is essential that you get each and every one of them. In addition to that, you may take pleasure in the visuals and the soothing music. It is imperative that you remember to locate the portal, and you should make every effort to jump, run, and escape as quickly as you can. 

Main Features

  • Find solutions to problems that range from easy to difficult riddles by using your solving-problem thinking.
  • You should try to get as many keys and stars as you possibly can.
  • Thinking creatively and beyond the box is required in order to solve some riddles.

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