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While playing Watermelon Run 3D, an incredible adventure centered on the watermelon, you will need to construct bridges and locate shortcuts in order to prevail over your rivals.

Watermelon Run 3D instructions

Are you a fan of the Watermelon Games? If you are a fan of games that involve watermelon, you will probably like playing Watermelon Run 3D. In order to emerge victorious in Watermelon Run 3D, all you need to do is triumph over challenges, triumph over your rivals, and look for shortcuts. You are also able to purchase fresh and exciting enhancements for your character in the shop. It is a fact that there are a great deal of challenges that make it difficult to cut down on the number of watermelon tiles that you amass.

Main Features

  • An obstacle course that is difficult to navigate and features a range of obstacles, including fragile glass platforms and numerous types of barriers.
  • Various players with varying degrees of expertise can choose from a variety of various difficulty levels.

Popular Waterlon games

  • Suika Game: An arcade game in which you must fuse and release falling fruits strategically in order to generate the ideal watermelon.
  • Fruitfall CatcherThe game may be won by capturing fruits at each new level that you go through. 
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