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Wordle Peaks is a word-based puzzle game that you play on your computer. It gives you six opportunities to figure out a word's meaning.

Wordle Peaks: How to Play the Game

The level of difficulty of wordle peaks is much greater than that of the standard wordle. We will walk you through the steps of playing the free version of Wordle Peak and provide hints and suggestions to help you become a better player. It will display all of the terms in your search that have five letters. If you have done things correctly, you will see a green light.


  • You just need six guesses to figure out what the hidden word is.
  • At least five letters must be included in each and every attempt.
  • With each new try, the color of the letters will change to indicate how much closer you are to correctly spelling the word.
  • A letter that is too high up in the alphabet and is yellow in hue.
  • a letter too far down the alphabet that is blue in hue.
  • When you type, the tile will display the many letters that may be entered.
  • On challenge mode, you are required to decipher a new word each day. You might also try your hand at infinite wordle peaks.
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