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In xStep, you must complete challenging stages filled with new elements like blocks and pulsators, and it's a lot of fun.


  • Between 0 and 8 percent, a cube sequence can be executed.
  • Involving anywhere from 9 to 18% spheres, the sequence is rather ambiguous.
  • From 18% to 27% in ship sequences
  • This is a cube-based series, with values between 27% and 36%.
  • Ranging from 36% to 54%, ship sequences
  • The 54%-72% cube sequence
  • A group of balls with a probability of 72% to 95%;
  • The completion rate of a ship sequence might be anything from 90% to 100%.


  • Find the first hidden coin at the 21% point. Being a ship, it is also collectible.
  • The ship is where you'll find the second mystery coin, worth 53%. As a whole, it represents the ship. As soon as you enter the tunnel, make a beeline for the opening in the building and descend through it.
  • At 59%, you'll find the location of the hidden third coin. The cube has been given a name. As soon as you reach the third gravity pad, leap.
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