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A lot of obstacles, such passing vehicles and busses, must be avoided in the amazing action game Zombie Tsunami Online.

Zombie Tsunami Online instructions

If you like zombie games, you should definitely play Zombie Tsunami Online. Driving around the streets, you will be in charge of a horde of zombies dodging obstacles. In order to ensure you have an adequate number of zombies, you must destroy all vehicles, including automobiles, buses, and airplanes. To personalize your avatar, make an effort to gather as many coins as you can.

Key Features

  • The city, the forest, and the beach are just a few of the many maps.
  • Avoid losing any zombies by making an exact jump through the gaps.
  • It is possible to demolish many towns and assemble an army of zombies.
  • Many vibrant zombies may be found in this game.

Noob: Zombie Prison Escape and Sisyphus Simulator Defense are two other strategy games you should consider playing. These and more games are available here for free play.

How To Play

Mouse or Touch

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