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In this exciting arcade game - Bomb It 5 from the Bomb It Series, your goal is to eliminate as many opponents as you can.

Guideline for the Bomb It 5

Every one of your rivals wants to be the only one who survives this task. You must use your explosives to clear the barriers and escape before they detonate in order to win Bomb It 5. Remember to conquer every challenge and locate power-ups that will give you temporary new abilities. A wide range of costumes and new avatars may also be unlocked. You may play alone or with a partner on the same computer. It all comes down to defeating your rivals. 


  • Savor a selection of game modes.
  • either multiplayer or single-player mode
  • Players can receive both benefits and drawbacks from random crates.
  • Play this easy-to-learn yet incredibly entertaining game.
  • Basic controls for the game

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How To Play

  • Player 1 controls: Move with AD, put a bomb with Enter.
  • Players 2 control: space = bomb, arrows = movement.
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