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It's your goal to defeat every opponent in the fantastic action game Cannons Blast 3D and to level up your arsenal of weaponry.

Cannons Blast 3D instructions

Cannons Blast 3D is a great game to play if you like action-puzzle games a lot. This game offers a variety of hazardous environments for you to explore. Furthermore, in order to get past them and demonstrate to them how a true pirate operates, you must make the best use of your cannons. Use machine guns in tight spaces or to cover ground more closely.  To target opponents from a distance, position guns at long-range locations.

 Main Features

  • This is a difficult strategy game.
  • Cannons Blast 3D contains total command over your weapons, cannons, towers, and troops.
  • Safely protect your base.
  • Plan your tactics across several domains.

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How To Play

Mouse click or tap to play

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