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This is an interesting adventure game called Clash Rider - Clicker Tycoon, in which you have to engage in races and gather cars to enhance and upgrade your vehicle.

Detailed Instructions for Clash Rider - Clicker Tycoon

As you go through the game Clash Rider Clicker Tycoon, your objective is to outrun animals from each era in order to reach the next one (the future). Do not overlook the fact that you should use the money you make toward improving the functionality of the basic mode of transportation. It is important to exercise caution since you will be transported to the ancient age, when dinosaurs were extinct as a result of a meteorite making contact with the earth.

Main Features

  • The management of a racing squad that is ready to compete
  • You should make your automobile as good as it can possibly be.
  • Strive to be an effective manager in order to dominate the racetracks.
  • There is the possibility of negotiating sponsorships and collaboration arrangements.

You may start playing the racing game Clash Rider - Clicker Tycoon on your own computer. If you are interested in playing other adventure games, you may want to try T Rex N.Y Online or Skate Rush Challenge.

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