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Discovering the common thread that runs across all four sets of four words is the primary mission of the exceptional game known as Connection Game.

Connection Game Instructions

Players engage in the game Connections on a regular basis in an effort to discover the ties that bind various terms together. You can win the game by choosing four groups of four words, but you must ensure that you don't make more than four blunders total. The player is given six chances to guess correctly, and the game provides clues after each try. You are still able to obtain the solution even if the word that you entered is not the proper one. At the very least, you will be able to determine which letters are missing from the word you desire and whether or not they are in the correct order. Don't forget to put your language skills to the test and find the hidden links that exist between words that seem to have no bearing on one another. Players are going to be inspired to think creatively and test the limits of their knowledge thanks to this game.

Main Features

  • Obtain a tactical advantage through the collection of boosters.
  • Perform exercises in solo mode against the computer-controlled opponents Tiler and Bots.
  • New obstacles are presented throughout the year at seasonal competitions.
  • Participate in lighthearted activities with your companions for a period of three days.
  • Regular updates, in order to keep the interest and enthusiasm of the audience

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