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You may play a game called Cycles in Stereo Madness or Dry Out, both of which require you to finish challenging downhill courses while listening to catchy music.

How to Play

Although it is simple to take control of the character, it may take some time to become proficient in the maneuvers. Maintain your focus on the path that lies in front of you, and make sure not to lose track of your destination. Raising your speed will allow you to navigate wide gaps more easily. If you don't want your speed to decrease, you'll need to go at a slower pace. You are free to experiment with a variety of methods dependent on the circumstances until you find the one that works best for you.

  • From 0% all the way up to 36%, one can execute a cube sequence.
  • A ball sequence that falls between between 36% and 54%
  • A ship sequence that falls anywhere between 54% and 71%
  • A transition sequence for the cube that ranges from 71% to 74%.
  • A ball sequence that goes from 74% all the way up to 100% while the user is still under the influence of the mirror portal, which begins at 74% and continues until it reaches 82%, then moves on to 91%.

How To Play

  • Click [up][w] [space] [ctrl] You can [shift] to leap, or you can jump on the yellow circles.
  • Prevent surges
  • Maintain forward momentum while in ship mode and press and hold the button to launch.
  • To get a high jump, you must strike a yellow pad.
  • To increase your vertical leap, step on a blue pad (missing a gravity portal).
  • You may win additional points by collecting the coins.
  • Pressing the letter L will toggle the effects and lessen the latency.
  • Pressing "B" will alter the background (or lessen latency, if you like).
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