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You need to draw lines to save the dogs in Draw 2 Save Doge.

Detailed Steps for Draw 2 Save Doge

Do you like puzzles? If you like puzzle games, you should play Draw 2 Save Doge. You can only win if you save at least one dog's head from the dangerous bees. You can also save the heads of other animals, like a pig and a different kind of cat. Based on how much ink you use, each level will have a different number of stars. If you fail a level, you can try again. We are sure that you will find it easier to learn how to draw as you play more.

Main Features

  • Bees will stay away from long lines.
  • You need coins to unlock characters and power-ups.
  • Nice images and a fun setting

Try them out if you like puzzle games like Military Cubes 2048 or Pacman. They are harder and more fun to play. Begin your game adventure right now.

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