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There is a terrific puzzle game called Draw To Smash! that you should check out on this website. The primary objective of the game is to draw a line in order to destroy all of the nasty eggs.

Draw To Smash! Instructions

Draw To Smash! is a game that may provide you with the same amazing experience as other puzzle games, such as Draw 2 Save Doge and Action King: Draw Fight. In order to play this game, you will need to demonstrate your drawing talents since you will be required to operate the pencil in order to draw a line, scribbles, figures, or doodles in order to destroy all of the nasty eggs. You will need to be able to construct strategic plans and put your head through daily mental workouts in order to play this game. In the event that you are unable to complete a level, you should not be concerned since the game pushes you to explore and attempt again till you discover the ineffective approaches to drawing.

Main Features

  • For a more immersive gaming experience, a realistic physics engine
  • Different scenarios and puzzles that test your ability to solve problems in a variety of situations
  • Laughable moments that include splats and scenarios that are humorous
  • Available in a number of different languages
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