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In EG Mr.Dubstep, a game that takes its cues from Geometry Dash, the primary objective is to avoid colliding with the obstacles that are based on colors.

Instructions for EG Mr.Dubstep

EG The objective of Mr. Dubstep is to progress through the game by utilizing a variety of techniques and jumps, shifting gravity, and charging forward. In order to be of assistance to Mr. Dubstep, you need to be lightning swift and graceful in your movement. As the wicked cube continues to move forward, you have a limited amount of time to sidestep any impediments in its path. The cloud platforms are only seen once in the movie. You also have the option to design your own stages in EG Mr.Dubstep.

Main Features

  • Participate in daily quests to get awesome loot.
  • The ability to customize characters has been improved with additional color and icon possibilities.
  • The experience you get after completing all 10 levels is one of a kind.

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