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The composition "Skibidi Toilet Only Up" presents a captivating amalgamation of the musical elements found in "Skibidi Toilet" and "Only Up." The primary objective of this exhilarating expedition is to elevate the toilet to the celestial realm.

Instructions of Skibidi Toilet Only Up

The game "Skibidi Toilet Only up" is a straightforward and uncomplicated game. One must only refrain from succumbing to the deceptive tactics employed by the Skibidi Toilet Monster and persist in ascending. Get ready for an uninterrupted experience devoid of advertisements, enabling you to concurrently engage in gameplay while seeing promotional content. Examine the virtual environment of the game, characterized by a labyrinthine structure resembling an obstacle course. Various items such as autos, pipes, signs, benches, and house pieces can be observed suspended in the atmosphere. The sole means of accessing the rooftop of the building is through utilizing the CameraHead.


  • Engage in confrontations with organized crime syndicates worldwide.
  • Investigate an expansive and unrestricted setting replete with areas characterized by high levels of criminal activity.
  • Engage in the procurement of various commodities in order to successfully accomplish assigned objectives and overcome the organized crime syndicate.
  • The missions occur within urban settings, including the streets, Chinatown, and areas associated with criminal organizations.

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How To Play

  • WASD: Control CameraHead's movement.
  • Space: Make CameraHead jump.
  • Shift: Activate CameraHead's running ability.
  • Mouse: Additional controls using the mouse.
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