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Endless Siege is an excellent war game in which you must fight wave after wave of invaders who are attempting to seize control of your kingdom on a continuous basis.

Instructions for Endless Siege

Endless Siege is a tower defense game that is available for complete and total free play. Your victory depends on your ability to vanquish the orcs that are attempting to take over your country. Remember to position your fortifications along the path, and then proceed to purchase improvements to guarantee that you will be able to survive. To make each tower more powerful, you need to improve it by raising its level. Additionally, you should modify the firing technique so that it is more appropriate for the game. The number of the units may be increased by upgrading them. Checking the number of enemy troops that you are able to pass through is something you can do.

Main Features

  • Construct your very own fortress, complete with a wide variety of chambers, towers, and weaponry.
  • By prevailing in battles and constructing your castle, you may get spectacular prizes.
  • Individuals from one's family and circle of friends may also take part in the conflict.

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