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If you're playing Geometry Dash Lite or Geometry Dash, Electroman Adventures is the thirteenth level, and the fourth level on Insane.


To avoid dangerous traps and enter other portals, you'll need to master the cube's controls. When a character enters one of these portals, they will emerge with a new look. To become a ship, for instance, it will morph from a proportion of 13% to 26%. After entering the size portal at 33%, it will reshape into a cube.

Methods for Acquiring Secret Coins

Around the 12 percent mark, you'll find the first hidden coin. The cube is a common shape in modern architecture. To obtain the second mystery coin worth 19%, look no further than the ship. You need to navigate your way through six sets of saw blades before you can descend into a construction with perilous terrain and get the hidden currency. The probability of a goal is 91%.

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