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Player is responsible for the creation of Geometry Dash 69 Machine, a Community Level with an Easy Demon difficulty. It has a part in the shape of a cube that is covered with spikes and has a gateway that is inverted.

Instructions for Playing Geometry Dash 69 Machine

You will be able to win the game if you are successful in overcoming all of the challenges and if you love the engaging theme. At the beginning of this challenge, you'll find yourself in a piece of a cube that features spikes, platforms, and an inverted portal. The ship must subsequently navigate another hallway, this one including spikes at both the top and the bottom as well as at each end. After that, there is no longer a reflection. After that, it turns upside down and enters a segment of a small ship that has spikes installed in certain areas of the structure. Following that, the cube will be mirrored until finally being unmirrored. The last segment is a piece of a ship that consists of platforms in the middle as well as a saw.

Main Features

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