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Geometry Dash Hi, the most recent installment of the Geometry Dash game series is now ready to play. The primary objective of this game is to accumulate cash by dodging hazards and vaulting over spikes of a single color while maintaining a constant vertical momentum.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Hi

KrmaL is the creator of this Insane Demon 2.0, which he has also tested and released. Jump over the spikes that are all the same hue. After that, the cube will go along a steep slope, and after jumping over a blue ring, it will need to land on three spikes as soon as possible. In addition to that, there are several robot sections that are unclear, as well as a UFO section that is challenging. After then, there is a gradual slowing down of the music, and the flyship scene is played again but at a slower pace. Following this path will get you to the last level. You not only have to leap properly, but you also have to jump backwards at the right moment when the force of gravity unexpectedly shifts. This is yet another of the game's levels that is very challenging.

Fantastic Features

  • Finely crafted works of art
  • An interesting story to tell
  • Create a layout that is simple and easy to use.
  • Free to play with a focus on the PC platform

What exactly are you holding out for at this point? Playing Geometry Dash Hi on your own computer right now! Have a party with Geometry Dash fan ! More games related this to have fun is Geometry Dash Blue Shock and Geometry Dash Colorblind!

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