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When you play the most recent installment of the Geometry Dash Gear series, which is called Geometry Dash Adrenaline, you will be tasked with driving your ship around dangerous turns while also participating in exciting action.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Adrenaline

Because of the game's geometric visuals, the user interface of Geometry Dash Adrenaline is straightforward and easy to understand. To win the game as quickly as possible, you must enter the ship with the second speed. Then, at that moment, go to the third. Maintaining your balance is important since there are gears both above and below you. In order to successfully navigate around potentially dangerous architectural components and protrusions, it is essential to use care and agility.

How to collect coins

This is the first coin, at 9%. In order to get the second coin, you will need to push off the blue sphere. You will discover the third coin when you reach 93%.

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