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There are spikes, jump pads, and yellow orbs in the Geometry Dash Auto Cycles game, which is a medium-difficulty version of the Geometry Dash Series.

The Instructions for Geometry Dash Auto Cycles

The Ball is presented for the first time at Auto Cycles. Since RobTop hasn't made his ball components all that difficult to understand, getting used to it shouldn't take too much time. To get started, you'll have to take control of a yellow ball set against a blue background that features spikes, leap orbs, and pads. The ball will then stop mirroring its surroundings, and the blue backdrop will become visible. This section is comprised of yellow platforms, yellow spikes, and yellow jumppads. You have to get through all of them in order to level up.

How does one go about amassing a coin collection?

In this region of the level that has not been mirrored, there is a coin that can be found directly above several platforms. When you are at the portion with the yellow jump pads, you will first need to travel down, and then you will need to move up to reach the coin.

Fantastic Features

  • There are up to a thousand levels that can be completed.
  • Unlock a wide cast of characters, and put them to use.
  • In this straightforward but difficult game, you need to stay on the route and avoid going off of it.

Playing in this gun arcade is going to be a lot of fun. If you are interested in trying out some other arcade games, you should check out Geometry Dash Endless and Geometry Dash Tartarus.

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