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The Extreme Demon Mega-Collaboration Level of Geometry Dash Tartarus has been rated a perfect 10 stars. Your primary objective is to make it to the location of your choice while passing through the maximum number of gates.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Tartarus

Enjoy playing Geometry Dash as much as I do? The Geometry Dash game If you answered "yes," then you absolutely must play Tartarus. You merely need to stay ahead of the game by avoiding obstacles and traps. Following your journey through these portals, your look will undergo a transformation. After then, the mini-ball portion is not much better than it was before, but it is comparable to the UFO phase. The following section is also a swing copter, although it is not nearly as challenging as the one that came before it. Following that, the wave is just as compact as Komp's was. Next, there is a brief click that sounds like a cube or ball, and this is followed by a ball with two separate timings.

Main Features

  • Enjoy engrossing games while getting the most out of your user experience.
  • Listening to noises that are soothing can help you feel less stressed.
  • Experience lifelike simulations in 3D.
  • It fosters a sense of tranquility and cultivates mindfulness in its practitioners.
  • Take pleasure in a variety of activities, including ASMR and fidget gadgets.
  • promoting a sense of inner tranquility and equilibrium

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