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This website now offers Geometry Dash Benevolent, a challenging platformer game that's perfect for experienced gamers. This page offers a version of the popular mobile game that can be played on a personal computer.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Benevolent

MaFFaKa, a veteran moderator and architect of MaFFaKa's Geometry Dash Benevolent level, has designed a straightforward and uncomplicated challenge for the community. The automatic cube level is a good place to start. To begin the level in which you navigate through the gears as you fly, click on the square ball. The subsequent step is known as the cube. You will have to make your way across some platforms, jump over some spikes, and then enter the gravity portal. Now comes the very last part of the process. You need to make sure you leap on both platforms and then click on the square cube like in Geometry Dash Flipping a Coin and Geometry Dash Inscius.

The levels of  Geometry Dash Benevolent

1. In the normal mode, the player can get away from the saw by clicking on the cube, which causes it to shatter and launch him into the skies.

2. The secret is that if you do not click on the sphere, the cube buddy will not "break" when the player is on the saw. This is because the cube will remain intact.

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