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One of the greatest Medium Demon levels is Geometry Dash Chaoz Airflow, which has a simple cube section with easy leaps.

How to Play Geometry Dash Chaoz Airflow

You may explore a double-speed ship sequence with gravity portals and very small spaces in Geometry Dash Chaoz Airflow. It's the most challenging part of the level when you get to UFO; it's filled with saws and thorny slopes that need careful timing. The third wave uses two mini-modes to function. Lastly, there are two little sections of the Ship and the Ball that have conventional construction locations and straightforward traps. 

How do you collect coins?

Three coins are available for collection on Geometry Dash Chaoz Airflow. By traveling across the middle of two mountain ranges, you can get the first coin at 42%. The second one crosses a little zigzagging saw at 62%. 95% of the last one is done.


  • Early in 1.9, Chaoz Airflow was thought to be a challenging Demon. 14,912 objects made up the level.
  • Features a tiny and symmetrical dual cube that is quite challenging and puzzling.

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