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The Medium Demon solo version of Geometry Dash Clubstep EX has several false routes, adings spikes, and fake spikes in addition to a difficult normal-speed square part.

Guidelines for Geometry Dash Clubstep EX

You must leap over orbs and commit difficult timings to memory in order to play Geometry Dash clubstep EX. Size portals and triple spikes will also be required. The following ball part has many jump orb timings and is really challenging. Fake pathways and fading spikes are additional things to commit to memory. It remains unchanged from the original, requiring the player to choose the optimal pathways and strike the jump orbs. The level concludes with a simple mini-ship sequence.

Main Features

  • There are 8507 objects in this level.
  • This level is 1m26s in length.
  • There are more creatures and spikes in the series.
  • Customize your character by selecting from an array icons and colors.
  • To test your coordination, try these rhythmic exercises.
  • Get amazing prizes for finishing daily assignments.
  • Gain proficiency by using the Practice Mode to hone your abilities.

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