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The Geometry Dash game The excellent Geometry Dash infinite series continues with the release of Geometry Dash Colorblind. The primary purpose of the game is to gather money while avoiding any and all obstacles.

Instructions for playing Geometry Dash Colorblind

The very first Geometry Dash level to begin play without the cube is called "Colorblind." You will have to find ways to get past barriers if you want to finish the game within a fair amount of time, and this means you will have to conquer the game's challenges. The user interface has seen significant development. It has undergone a makeover. Remember that you need to amass as much coins as you can if you want to progress very far in this game!

Gain access to Secret Coins.

Choosing the wave portal rather than the UFO portal will lead you to the first hidden coin, which can be found at the 25 percent mark. The second hidden coin may be found at 49%. The location of the third mystery coin may be found at 98%. The cube may be obtained by landing successfully on the spikes.

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