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Geometry Dash Kreygasm is a great adventure game that involves bouncing through a world full of neon lights, gears and pointy block.

Geometry Dash Kreygasm: Instructions

When you are a single block, you can jump into the arena and use it to get past any obstacles. It is possible to play with different creatures or unique mechanics such as demons, balls and cubes. This game is unique because it only requires you to touch the screen, or to click on a button in order to jump your character. The player is required to provide more input in other games. It is important to practice the game several times in order to understand the speed of it. Geometry Dash Kreygasm is not only about overcoming obstacles. You can also use rockets as a propulsion method. It's a good point. There are parts of the mission where you can board a plane and take to the skies. Be careful to stay away from the spikes in the ceiling or floor. Try it out!

Key Features

  • Use a large variety of skins on your favorite heroes.
  • The levels are varied.
  • The rocket must be flown while you avoid the obstacles both on top and below it.
  • Geometry Dash Mindfrick and Geometry Dash Augmentation are much more challenging versions than the original. Have fun with your friends right now!
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