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Black and white colors are included (to a higher degree) in the daily level of Geometry Dash Count to Ten, which is a tough level.

Geometry Dash Count to Ten instructions

Jumping over eight spikes, each of which has a unique impact, is required in order to begin playing Geometry Dash Count to Ten. As soon as this section is over, the screen will turn black, and the UFO stage will begin. During this stage, you will have to avoid the spikes that are on their way to you. Following that, you will be aboard the UFO and will be required to fly between obstacles that are flying at you and cannot be touched.  A challenging robot level with a breathtaking backdrop follows, and all you have to do to complete it is jump in certain locations.

How to collect 2 coins?

There are two coins that you need to gather in order to complete Geometry Dash Count to Ten. The first coin is at 30%, and it is being collected by adjusting the gravity from the top to the norma. After the three purple spheres, the last one is estimated to be 79% complete.

Main Features

  • Fight games with original characters that have the most vivid and unique atmosphere.
  • Take pleasure in the atmosphere and the music.

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