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Stack Jump is an excellent jumping game in which you must arrange the blocks in such a way as to construct the highest tower possible in order to achieve success in all six levels.

Stack Jump instructions

In the game Stack Jump, our objective is to assist the child in jumping at the appropriate moment while avoiding the blocks so that he may leap higher. If you stumble, you will be defeated! In contrast to previous block-stacking games, the match blocks present themselves in a random fashion on both the right and left sides of the screen. The control for leaping in Stack Jump is provided by a single button.

Main Features

  • High-stakes gameplay environment
  • System of control using a single button
  • Enhanced for use on personal computers
  • A varied cast is included.
  • Free to be played

Two further games that are a never-ending source of entertainment are Jump MonsterGeometry Jump Bit by Bit and Santa Claus Jumping.

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