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A basic iteration of Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash Crazy Ball includes objects, a UFO part, and controls for spheres' running and leaping movements.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Crazy Ball

In the game Geometry Dash, you take control of a three-dimensional avatar and make them run down connected ramps. After a quick double robot part with lots of leaps, rings, and gravity portals, the game starts. To fill up the spaces, you must also watch out for shifting blocks and land or leap at the ideal moment. Keep in mind phony routes, fading spikes, and artificial spikes. The conditions remain the same as in the original: choose the optimal pathways to take.

How to collect coins?

First, the first robot part contains the coin. In the second phase of the robot, you have to jump on a platform with money connected in order to receive the second coin, instead of continuing downhill. You have to leap from the top of the ramp onto the platform at the bottom in order to get the last cent.


  • The Everybody Bounce Stage by DzRAS served as the model for this level.
  • To test your coordination, try these rhythmic workouts.
  • By accomplishing everyday chores, you may win incredible prizes.
  • Practice Mode facilitates skill improvement.

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