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You are required to click on the spheres and leap onto platforms in order to play Geometry Dash Ocean of Dreams, which is an excellent version of Dash that is simple to play.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Ocean of Dreams

It starts off with a stage in the shape of a cube. The UFO level continues at the same tempo as the previous one. Following the completion of the cube stage, there will be a complete wave, and there will be no need for us to take any further action. The cubes have now reached their final step, which is the bifurcation stage. In this stage, we need to click on one of the spheres, and then we need to jump.

How to collect coin?

You can collect coins at the 34% mark if you jump to the platform and then jump down. The second coin is valued at 65%. At this point, the coin ought to be at the 86% threshold.

Amazing Features

  • The level follows the standard format of 2.0 levels in that it does not have a robot.
  • Confront a diverse assortment of obstacles and predicaments.
  • Acrobatics are a fantastic tool to have at your disposal when confronted with challenges.

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