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Geometry Dash Groovy is a more difficult variation of Geometry Dash. You'll have to hop on the pillars and over the spikes.

Instructions for Geometry Dash Groovy

The initial level of Geometry Dash Groovy is a cube. The following stage is a cube. Following that, you will see a similar ship. It's simple to become addicted and eager to progress to the next level. These levels were created by the original designers of Groovy, Adiale, DivinePotato, and Hoppingicon.

How to collect coins?

First coin at 26%. To get the 66% second coat, move closer to the level bottom. The third coin may be found at 95%.


  • The game takes a fresh approach to an old concept.
  • Select from a variety of colors and symbols to give your character a distinct appearance.
  • Complete daily chores to earn fantastic prizes.
  • Characters may now be personalized with new color schemes and icon sets.
  • Achieving the 10th level is a one-of-a-kind accomplishment.

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